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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 

DreamWines (“Company”) pledges to meet fully with the requirements of the PersonalData (Privacy) Ordinance, Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong. In doing so,the Company will ensure compliance by its staff to the strictest standards ofsecurity and confidentiality in respect of all personal information and datasubmitted by its customer(s) and prospect(s) (collectively “Customer(s)”) tothe Company and the Company will not release such information to anyone withoutthe prior consent of the relevant Customer(s) of the Company except to theauthorized persons listed under the section entitled “Disclosure or Transfer ofData”.

Customersare strongly recommended to read this privacy statement (“Privacy Statement”)carefully to have an understanding of the Company's policy and practices withregard to the treatment of personal information and data provided by theCustomers.


IfCustomers have questions or concerns regarding this privacy statement,  please contact us at +852 5580 5767 or emailto


Whatpersonal information do we collect from the people that visit our website?

Whenordering or registering on our site, as appropriate, you may be asked to enteryour name, email address, mailing address, phone number, credit cardinformation or other details to help you with your experience.


Whendo we collect personal data?

Wecollect the personal information and/or data of Customers by various meansincluding but not limited to the following:

(a) via the Websites;

(b) member registration forms (whethercompleted via the Websites or otherwise);

(c) activities enrolment forms (whethercompleted via the Websites or otherwise);

(d) order forms (whether completed viathe Websites or otherwise);

(e) enquiry forms (whether completed viathe Websites or otherwise);

(f) forms for contests, surveys, orspecial offers (whether completed via the Websites or otherwise);

(g) collection and/or exchange of namecards and other personal information, either verbal or written, for and duringactivities and events either organised by or involving the Company;

(h) via online social networking serviceplatforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Weibo, WeChat);

(i) written communications betweenCustomers and the staff and personnel;

(j) verbal communications betweenCustomers and the staff and personnel with the Customers being aware of suchcollection; and

(k) through the above means by theCompany's affiliates, third party service providers and corporate clients ofthe Company for the Company with the Company's authorization.


The Company may collect personalinformation and/or data of a Customer such as his/her name, address, emailaddress, phone number, age, sex, date of birth, country of residence,nationality, education level, work experience, and log-in ID and password forgetting access to the Websites (if applicable) that is/are not otherwisepublicly available.


Only duly authorized staff of theCompany will be permitted to access the Customers’ personal information anddata, and the Company shall not release such personal information and data toany third parties save and except for the circumsta


What’sthe purpose of collecting personal data? 

In the course of using the Services, Customersmay disclose or be asked to provide personal information and/or data. In orderto have the benefit of and enjoy various Services offered by the Company and/orits affiliates, it may be necessary for Customers to provide the Company withtheir personal information and/or data. Although Customers are not obliged toprovide the information and/or data as requested, the Company may not be ableto render certain Services to such Customers in the event that they fail to doso.


The Company's purposes for collection ofinformation and data include but not limited to the following:

(a) for the daily operation of theServices provided to Customers;

(b) to identify Customers who haveenjoyed and used the Services provided;

(c) to provide Customers with marketingand promotional materials for their enjoyment of benefits provided by theCompany to its Customers (for further details, please refer to section headed“Subscription of Newsletter/Promotional Materials/Marketing Materials” below);

(d) to identify Customers who haveenjoyed their benefits as Customers by receiving and using marketing andpromotional materials;

(e) to allow Customers to enjoy theirbenefits by enrolling for special events hosted by the Company and/or itsaffiliates;

(f) to design and provide products andservices to Customers in relation to the above purposes; and

(g) to facilitate the Company and/or itsaffiliates to use the Customers’ personal data for purposes relating to theprovision of services offered by the Company and marketing services, specialevents and/or promotions of the Company, its affiliates and/or their respectiveclients.


If the Customer is under the age of 13,the Company would strongly recommend him/her to seek prior consent from aperson with parental responsibility for him/her, e.g. parent or guardian, whomay contact the responsible personnel of the Company at, forproviding relevant and appropriate personal information and/or data to theCompany.


Howdo we protect visitor information?

Ourwebsite is scanned on a regular basis for security holes and knownvulnerabilities in order to make your visit to our site as safe as possible.


Yourpersonal information is contained behind secured networks and is onlyaccessible by a limited number of persons who have special access rights tosuch systems, and are required to keep the information confidential. Inaddition, all sensitive/credit information you supply is encrypted via SecureSocket Layer (SSL) technology.


Weimplement a variety of security measures when a user places an order enters,submits, or accesses their information to maintain the safety of your personalinformation.


Alltransactions are processed through a gateway provider and are not stored orprocessed on our servers.


Dowe use 'cookies'?

Wedo not use cookies for tracking purposes


Youcan choose to have your computer warn you each time a cookie is being sent, oryou can choose to turn off all cookies. You do this through your browser (likeInternet Explorer) settings. Each browser is a little different, so look atyour browser's Help menu to learn the correct way to modify your cookies.


Ifyou disable cookies off, some features will be disabled that make your siteexperience more efficient and some of our services will not function properly.


However,you can still place orders .


Disclosureor Transfer of Data

TheCompany agrees to take all practicable steps to keep all personal informationand data of Customers confidential and/or undisclosed, subject to thefollowing.

Generallyspeaking, the Company will only disclose and/or transfer Customers’ personalinformation and/or data to the Company's personnel and staff for the purpose ofproviding the Services to Customers. However, the Company may disclose and/ortransfer such information and/or data to third parties under the followingcircumstances:

(a)where the information and/or data is disclosed and/or transferred to any thirdparty suppliers or external service providers who have been duly authorized bythe Company to use such information and/or data and who will facilitate theServices provided by the Company and/or its affiliates, under a duty ofconfidentiality;

(b)where the information and/or data is disclosed and/or transferred to anyagents, affiliates or associates of the Company who have been duly authorizedby the Company to use such information and/or data;

(c)where the Company needs to protect and defend its rights and property;

(d)where the Company considers necessary to do so in order to comply with theapplicable laws and regulations, including without limitation compliance with ajudicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served on the Company and/orits affiliates; and

(e)where the Company deems necessary in order to maintain and improve theServices.


Personaldata collected by the Company may be transferred, stored and processed in anycountry in which the Company or its affiliates operate. By using the Services,Customers are deemed to have agreed to, consented to and authorized the Companyto disclose and/or transfer their personal information and data under thecircumstances stated above, as well as to any transfer, disclosure and use ofinformation and data outside of the Customers’ country.


ThirdParty Links

Wedo not include or offer third party products or services on our website.

TheWebsites may provide links to other websites which are not owned or controlledby the Company. Personal information and data from Customers using the Websitesmay be collected on these other websites when Customers visit such websites andmake use of the services provided therein. Where and when Customers decide toclick on any advertisement or hyperlink on the Websites which grants Customersaccess to another website, the protection of Customers’ personal informationand data which are deemed to be private and confidential may be exposed inthese other websites.


AllCustomers using the Websites are deemed to have consented to the terms of thisPrivacy Statement. Customers not registered to the Websites who gain access tothe Websites, including those Customers who gain access to those Websites viatheir accounts in online social networking tools (including but not limited toFacebook), are deemed to have consented to the terms of this Privacy Statement,and such Customers’ personal data which they have provided to those networkingtools may be obtained by the Company and be used by the Company and itsauthorized persons in and outside of the Customers’ country for the purpose ofproviding services and marketing materials to the Customers. The Company andits authorized personnel may gain access to and use the personal data of suchCustomers so obtained, subject to the other provisions of this PrivacyStatement.


ThisPrivacy Statement is only applicable to the Customers utilising the Servicesprovided by the Company and/or its affiliates. Customers are reminded that thisPrivacy Statement grants no protection to Customers’ personal information anddata that may be exposed on websites other than the Websites, and the Companyis not responsible for the privacy practices of such other websites. Customersare strongly recommended to refer to the privacy policy of such other websites.



Google'sadvertising requirements can be summed up by Google's Advertising Principles.They are put in place to provide a positive experience for users. 


Wehave not enabled Google AdSense on our site but we may do so in the future.


Changes in this Privacy Statement

TheCompany reserves the right to update, revise, modify or amend this PrivacyStatement in the following manner at any time as the Company deems necessaryand Customers are strongly recommended to review this Privacy Statementfrequently. If the Company decides to update, revise, modify or amend thisPrivacy Statement, the Company will post those changes to this webpage and/orother places the Company deems appropriate so that Customers would be aware ofwhat information the Company collects, how the Company uses it, and under whatcircumstances, if any, the Company discloses it.


Ifthe Company makes material changes to this Privacy Statement, the Company willnotify Customers by email or by means of a notice on the home page of theCompany.


Ifat any time you would like to unsubscribe from receiving future emails, you canemail us at and we willpromptly remove you from ALL correspondence.


Forany query regarding this privacy policy please contact us at +852 5580 5767 oremail to